At RCJC we try to provide 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time. That’s not easy, and we continue to learn as we go. Our list of satisfied customers isn’t exceptionally long, but that’s because once we have a customer we tend to work for them repeatedly. Here are a few comments we have received from clients and associates over the years…


“I had Ron redo our user manuals with favorable results. There was a high level of detail in the manuals. Ron also added significantly to the troubleshooting section. He was very helpful in planning what the manual had to do, and also with the look and feel. In the end, we had favorable comments from customers.” – Bill Baker, President, Agtron Enterprises Inc.


“I have known and worked with Ron Johnson for more than five years. He has a wonderful mix of humor, analytical skills and tenacity for meeting deadlines. Ron has a remarkable gift of delivering big picture clarity for macro issues from the chaos of detailed research. I have the utmost respect for his integrity and objectivity.” – Paul Vogelheim, Proprietary Editor, Off the Record Research LLC


“Working with Ron has been a pleasure and an opportunity to see “excellence in action”. Not only is he competent, commited to giving his best, both in his work and his volunteer community service, he also has that rare talent of drawing out the best in those around him. If you are looking for someone who delivers on his promise, I highly recommend Ron.” – Linda Wegner, Writer and Owner of Words of Worth.


“Ron is my brother, but I am writing this recommendation from an observer of his professional achievements. In my job I work with businesses, entrepreneurs, local governments and researchers. Over the last 3 decades I have observed Ron as he worked with all of these groups. Ron is a true innovator and entrepreneur himself. Over many years of diverse experiences he has become very adept at understanding the needs of clients and matching his unusual skills with their unusual needs. He has been especially successful at marrying his skills as a writer, with his knowledge of technical processes–a very unusal combination. As a result, Ron has a long list of satisfied clients and respectful collaborators.” – Dr. Thomas Johnson, Professor, Director of Analytic and Academic Programs, University of Missouri