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Upgrading Documents in a Slower Economy – It just makes good sense.

In the current conditions it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money on maintaining resources such as procedures, training materials and other documentation. But anyone who has managed through slow periods knows differently.

Who Wrote the Book on Industrial Tech Writing?

My best clients are the ones who already have a basic understanding of the challenges of creating great documentation. So I believe it’s in all of our best interests to help potential clients learn as much as they can about technical writing and the issues associated with a documentation project.

Revisiting the SOP Toolkit

Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are a key tool in standardizing your organization. Progressive organizations see the value of standardizing work processes, but they don’t always have the in-house expertise needed to create quality documentation. Download The SOP Toolkit and learn what is involved in developing high quality procedures, manuals and training materials.

Ten Things Technical Writers Wish Their Clients Knew about Technical Writing

As you might expect, technical writing is not just about writing. A technical writer may wear many hats. But clients typically don’t understand what a technical writer does. Here are 10 things that technical writers wish their clients understood about technical writing.

Lessons Learned on the VAULT Project – Part 2

Project management is a big part of any project. During the VAULT Project I learned some valuable lessons about a couple of key areas: the importance of team building and how to break down barriers to communication and buy-in.