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Who Wrote the Book on Industrial Tech Writing?

My best clients are the ones who already have a basic understanding of the challenges of creating great documentation. So I believe it’s in all of our best interests to help potential clients learn as much as they can about technical writing and the issues associated with a documentation project.

Revisiting the SOP Toolkit

Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are a key tool in standardizing your organization. Progressive organizations see the value of standardizing work processes, but they don’t always have the in-house expertise needed to create quality documentation. Download The SOP Toolkit and learn what is involved in developing high quality procedures, manuals and training materials.

Author-it for re-use and single sourcing

For almost two years we have been using Author-it for creating and publishing documents for a local water and wastewater utility. To say that learning AIT has been a challenge would be an understatement but we don’t regret making the move to this powerful program. Author-it is a professional document creation application that allows content […]