Technical Writing/Editing: Pain or Pleasure

I have noticed a few things about technical writing in Saskatoon, and Saskatchewan in general.
First, there aren’t very many of us in Saskatoon…especially not freelancers or tech writing companies…compared with Calgary, for example.
Second, most people still think a technical writer writes about “technical stuff”–electronics, software, IT, mechanical, etc., which is only partly true, some of the time.
Third, most people here don’t think of writing as something you would contract out. Usually they either have the “anyone can write” perspective, or they look at it as a necessary evil and do as little of it as possible.
I’m trying to change that, to show businesses that there is value and ROI in getting a professional to write their user manuals, policies, procedures, case studies, white papers, etc.
I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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2 Responses to “Technical Writing/Editing: Pain or Pleasure”

  1. Ron K says:

    Interesting material.

  2. Sheri H. says:

    I have heard this before about technical writers; heard it about the ‘stigma’ if you will, of tech writers everywhere, not just Saskatoon. I do believe there is a shortage of them here. Being a fast-growing city, there is no doubt of a need for them.

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