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Access to SMEs a key ingredient in a successful project

One of the most important steps that a client can take to ensure the successful and timely completion of a writing project is to make sure the technical documentation team has good access to subject matter experts (SME).

Developing procedures for water and wastewater

One of the most contentious and polarized issues I have come across regarding developing procedures is that of minimalist versus comprehensive content in standard operating procedures. Sit down with a group of plant operators and maintenance personnel and ask them what they would like to see in an SOP and then watch what happens. One […]

The Greased Rubber Ball

Back when I was instructing electronics and instrumentation apprentices and technologists I liked to start each new batch of students with my “Greased Rubber Ball” theory of learning. I told them that their upcoming learning experience would be like trying to stay on top of a giant greased rubber ball. I suggested that if they […]

Tech Writing for Process Industries

This being the first post on a new website/blog, I’m putting out an open invitation for responses from other tech writers–especially those who work in process industries. Writing is a lonely business at the best of times, but so far I haven’t met many writers who serve process industries. Anyone out there who would care […]

Author-it for re-use and single sourcing

For almost two years we have been using Author-it for creating and publishing documents for a local water and wastewater utility. To say that learning AIT has been a challenge would be an understatement but we don’t regret making the move to this powerful program. Author-it is a professional document creation application that allows content […]